Emission Testing NZ Ltd (est. 2006) Co-op is an initiative of AECS Ltd
and the YES! inc. association.

(Updated: July 2021)


Emission Testing NZ Ltd Level 2

>>Costings emission test equipment:

A level 2 Workshop can perform actual emission tests with a certified and calibrated emission tester.

Below is an outline of costings and return on investement on the emission tester.

For example emission testing equipment pricing ranges from $3,500 to $25,000.
Electronic equipment is usually depreciated at 40%.
Interest on borrowed money will almost equal lease costs.
Working with an emission tester purchase price of $18,000 equals

- an average depreciation over a period of 4 years of +/- $3,916.- / annum.

- Interest at 10% equals an average of +/- $979.- /annum over a period of 4 years.

Calibration has to be performed once per annum by law in most countries.

- Calibration costs +/- $300.- per year.

Total costs $3,916 + $979 + $300 = $5,195 / year

- For a small garage with 250 vehicles in maintenance which does 10 x WoF a week for 50 weeks per year does this mean:

$10.39 per WoF in extra equipment cost if the emission test is performed every WoF.

- For a large garage with 1800 vehicles in maintenance which does 72 x WoF a week for 50 weeks per year does this mean:

$1.44 per WoF in extra equipment cost.


The +/- $9 difference in WoF price is not worth to travel to town for if you live in the country!
(we are also mind full of small country workshops).

Actual test

Performing (and recording) a WoF Diesel emission check will take no longer than 10 minutes *).
A garage that charges normally $65 per hour, will have to charge $11 labour for the 10 minute test.
This will normally include any outlay of equipment, but add $9.50 for extra equipment costs and it becomes viable for any garage.

*) This is presuming the tester is switched on in the morning, gone through its warm up cycle and left on all day and that the car comes in from the street at operating temp.

Charge out suggestion

Chargeable to the customer per test if its done for example every WoF would have to be between $20 and $25 per test, this includes the $2.- per test payable to the ETNZ Co-op.

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