Emission Testing NZ Ltd (est. 2006) Co-op is an initiative of AECS Ltd
and the YES! inc. association.

(Updated: July 2021)


Emission Testing NZ Ltd acredited shops operating at Level 2

A level 2 Workshop can perform actual emission tests with a certified and calibrated emission tester.
A Level 2 workshop adds the emission test results in the national data base.
Vehicles that are rejected a WoF on emissions can get a tiered emission's certificate from a Level 2 specialist, to show what (international) standards the car meets.

Knowledge requirements to become a Certified level 2 (petrol and/or Diesel) inspection center:

For a shop to become level 2 certified inspection station the AECS P1 or/and D1 emission inspection training seminar with annual exam, for petrol and Diesel emissions needs to be concluded with success.

Equipment required to become a Certified level 2 inspection centre :

A certified, homologated and calibrated petrol and /or Diesel emission tester needs to be present in conjunction with a trained operator. A list with ETNZ homologated equipment will soon be available on this web site. Several equipment manufacturers are currently assisting ETNZ with the construction of this homologation process.

Inspection process

Examination of inspection centers for 're-certification' will have to be done every 12 months to make sure standards are not slipping.
The training and exam covering new developments is taken by an ETNZ level 3 certified person who are dotted throughout the country.

ETNZ will be responsible for the design and distribution of the exams and keep them up to date.

The annual inspection cost are around $300, plus in some areas travel costs.

The emission testers will have to have a current 12 monthly calibration certificate with the tester at all times.

Costings emission test equipment: >>

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