Emission Testing NZ Ltd (est. 2006) Co-op is an initiative of AECS Ltd
and the YES! inc. association.

(Updated: July 2021)


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What is Emission Testing NZ Ltd?

Emission Testing NZ Ltd (ETNZ) was officially registered Aug. 2006. We were established well before that date by the YES! inc. Society and AECS Ltd.
The YES! inc. is a group of top automotive electronic diagnostic specialists spread throughout NZ and Australia.
AECS Ltd is NZ's leading automotive diagnostic training and equipment provider.

The idea behind ETNZ was to form a structure under which the automotive industry of NZ collectively could:
  • Test the emissions on vehicles to a uniform and consistent standard.
  • Collect data to help guide the pass or fail standards in NZ, through actual testing.
  • Raise the credibility of our workshops, by performing objective tests with our equipment.
  • Utilise the investment that we continue to make in our technical knowledge, to the fullest.
  • Act professionally to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality for all New Zealanders.

ETNZ ltd is not owned by any one individual, the entity is based on a co-operative structure, with test quotas and share parcels based on the test quota.
This structure allows any gains made by the organisation, to be distributed back to participating workshops.
These businesses with ETNZ's support and structures behind them are all well placed to make emission testing a profitable part of their business.

The businesses who have opted to be part of this young but professional organised company are at the leading edge of the industry. They will influence future decisions in our industry.

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